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Women’s Studies Center strives for the realization of the goal of “Gender Justice”. In the course of our work, we seek to mobilize the efforts for promoting equality and share our commitment to the principle that women’s rights are indivisible human rights. WSC focuses on working with students, teachers, NGOs, community members, members of the media who need a forum to develop and express their views.

WSC is also interested in reaching out to the ’other half’ of society by seeking to raise their awareness about the rights of women and by mobilizing them to participate in the defense and struggle for equality and women’s rights. WSC coordinates with human rights institutions, non-governmental organizations and women’s coalitions at the local, regional and international levels that shares our vision.

WSC accepts as guiding tools the international human rights covenants as well as the Constitutional goals enshrined in the Constitution of India. We also gain inspiration from the achievements of the women’s movement locally and globally. Thus, we work for the realization of the principles enshrined in all international convention and particularly the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women, and the Convention on Rights of Child.

WSC operates by devising research projects, consultations, conferences focusing on legal and human rights aspects of women’s rights. These activities are carried out with a view to adding qualitatively to the existing knowledge, critically looking at the existing laws, suggesting the amendments and raising awareness among the masses.

WSC also works with a view to promoting feminist approaches to women’s human rights.  It has plans to interact with non law educational institutions and create awareness about the laws and its role in development of all sections of society, particularly the subaltern groups. How gender, class and caste affect and impact and pose challenges to the holistic growth of the state is one of the major areas of its work. To pursue these goals WSC works in partnership with individuals as well as institutions.

Strategic Objectives

  • Fostering a broad awareness within Indian society of traditional images associated with women and the negative impact of these on the development process. Lobbying public efforts towards change and the development of alternative perspectives that promote the role of women and that ensure their equal participation at all levels of society.
  • Collecting and documenting research studies conducted on women to serve as a resource from which to learn and devise strategies.
  • Promoting the creative potential of women and investing in opportunities for them to flourish.
  • Breeding a young generation of leaders (women and men) who are aware of the social concepts related to gender and who are willing to form supporting institutions for the women’s movement.
  • Producing, documenting and publishing audio and video media materials on women’s issues and gender, and making these materials available.
  • Monitoring and responding critically to media materials published in various forms, in order to promote positive images of women and promote the principle of equality between the sexes.
  • Networking between women’s movements and various institutions that share WSC’s vision, in order to exchange experiences, promote achievements and devise strategies to achieve common aims.